Success Stories


  • Nina understood my editorial needs and was quick to respond to my questions. Even in the face of substantial editing, my authentic voice was maintained throughout the script. Working with Nina took my manuscript from this is pretty good to WOW! This is incredible! When I reviewed the edited version, I was very pleased with the result. It kept my attention from cover to cover. Thank you, Nina, for taking my manuscript to a whole other amazing level!

    Beenie Mann Mindset Coach, Matters of Perspective
  • I wanted to write a book but was stumped about where to start. Nina was the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow!

    Kelly C. Colorado Springs, CO
  • Thank you for all your comments, expertise and honesty. You did it all with a high degree of tact. Please know how much I appreciate it and feel good about cutting out my blather. It felt really good to cut my "defensiveness." The document [legal affidavit] is down to four and a half pages [from ten pages!].

    D.S., Oregon
  • Your work is amazing. Your edits are awesome. It takes a special talent to do what you have done with my work. I love the structural changes that you made. I love how you make it more clear without changing my voice. YOU ARE AMAZING!

    School Teacher/Writer Richardson, TX
  • Revising the opening paragraph was brilliant. Of the 8 or 9 other editors who have reviewed this work, you are the first to suggest such a change. I am blown away by the profound impact of moving a single paragraph. So simple, yet it makes all the difference. Absolutely brilliant!

    D. Reed Whittaker Author, Texas


  • I highly recommend Nina Durfee! I’ve just come from Nina Durfee's workshop, 60 SECONDS TO SUCCESS. I walked in feeling not that confident about my current elevator pitch. With Nina’s guidance and nifty template, I now feel absolutely incredible about myself and about the power of my new commercial to inspire active engagement from my audience. If you want better results from networking and speaking, ask Nina about a workshop for you or your group. Need your commercial to rock your brand?? Call Nina Durfee! Thank you Nina...You Rock!!

    Patricia Love Redmond, WA
  • I wanted to let you know that I was VERY impressed with many of the "commercials" presented at the Exceptional Connections event--and then I find out that you coached them!

    Carin Wightman Redmond, WA
  • In a single 5-minute laser coaching session you helped me realize my desire to be successful from the stage by encouraging me to be vulnerable. As a result, I walked away with over $13,000! Thank you for your loving support of my success as a speaker!

    Heather Lutze, www.findability.com Parker, CO


  • Thank you for the great coaching today for my book! I am so excited to see this dream coming true. I appreciate your wisdom and insights!

    Monica G. Colorado Springs CO
  • I signed up for this class because I had been feeling totally lost. My health has been failing and I point all fingers towards my career. I am now free to pursue other things. The problem was – I didn’t know what until those classes you taught! I am now walking toward that bright light ahead of me, and I’m not going to look back.

    Teresa Corsault Salem, OR
  • I always considered myself a positive person, but since working with Nina I realize negative thought patterns that have held be back. Nina helped me to define what it is that I actually want and then create thoughts to support what I want instead of what I don't want. I am in the process of becoming a great creator of my circumstances. Nina has helped me take the steps to explore, through writing, the successes I want from life. I have seen them come to fruition several times now! Previously, I had read many books to help me be successful, and I had a lot of knowledge, but Nina helped me take action and make things happen. I have noticed how much facilitating gratitude changes my existence into positive feelings. When I'm in a situation which is causing distress I have learned, from Nina, to cultivate gratitude in the moment and my feelings can be shifted. I am in control of my feelings! Thanks Nina!

    Cheri Liberato Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Lake Stevens, WA
  • I want to thank … finally, credit goes to my peer coach who, in the final moments of our last session, gave me some delightful practical tools that will facilitate easy decision making, especially when I’ve got a to-do list as long as my arm. THANK YOU, NINA!

    Edie Watts San Francisco, CA
  • Nina, always has the perfect question or insight that inspires me to my own greatness. I had a huge breakthrough on a subject that I was consistently resisting. It was Nina who was patient, present and calm while I finally let go of my frustration. This has led to transformational results in the situation I was resisting that I continue to remember and continue to use today.

    Dana Smith Bend, OR
  • My Dearest Nina, You are simply the best. What you said to me the other day resonated with me. Your words and thoughts waved heavy. Today I am on the second day of my journey to California. I let go of the shop and my responsibilities. I became giddy and excited Saturday night as we were planning on departing Sunday morning. I have since enjoyed my copilot, my daughter, the scenery, reading a book, started a twitter account. And most important I am relaxed. I asked Mike this morning if he was going to call the shop and check in and he said no that he was on vacation!!!! Well, I had to. So, I called and spoke to Tessa. She said they were busy, the schedule was filling in nicely, and Bob was doing a great job. I could not have been happier. Had you not come in that day and had I not sat down with you, I know in my heart I would have not gone on this trip. I would have done what I always do, and that is stay behind. So, I thank you so much!!!!! You are truly a very special person!!!! And you have such a positive influence.

    Wilma Peck Woodinville, WA
  • You are an awesome coach, calm, focused and dedicated to my agenda. I was amazed at how deftly you followed my process. I think I was unable to remember specific questions and words because you were holding me so well in the moment, and I was very present minute by minute throughout the session. At times it was like you were my shadow--attached, but following my every move. then it was more like we were riding a tandem bike and you were again attached, but in a much more free and fresh way. I'm looking very forward to the next opportunity to have you coach me again!

    Anna Goldsworthy Kent, WA
  • Thank you to Nina, my life coach, for encouraging me to keep pushing through my fog to reach the clarity it took to find an art medium which I love (and can make a little money from) and which fits within my lifestyle and MY work life.  Thank you, Nina, for helping me to find the confidence to call myself an Artist and Designer. Thanks for helping me with "the breakthrough."  This has been a HUGE awakening for me. I feel like I am being nourished.  Thank you. Stunning is a big word, and yet it evokes the scope of the effects which working with Nina have given my life.  Because of Nina, I am: A calmer person A happier person A woman who knows that all of the answers are within me.  (Thank Heavens she's a wonderful excavator!)  This is a huge revelation to me and has allowed me to trust myself and my feelings. A more secure person A kinder person to myself Able to look at myself from a point of view of love and acceptance Less judgmental and learning to be less judgmental of myself For the first time, wanting to look deeper and find more good things about myself instead of being too fearful and embarrassed Realizing the most important thing in my life: that I am worthy. Nina's heart and generosity of spirit and her time and knowledge and willingness to share those gifts with me have known no bounds.  I have had a life-long depression.  I have tried every drug and have been to countless psychologists and counselors.  Nina is the first professional who was able to draw me out of the scary corners of my life and allowed me to see those dark places and still know that I am a wonderful, talented, loving soul with a lot to offer myself and the world. Nina has given me my life back, and you can't do something more stunning that that!  I love Nina and always know I will come away feeling better, smiling, and with notes and work for me to get started on, until we meet again.

    Sheila E. Oregon


  • What a delightful book [Full Bloom] you have created! Very appealing visually and inspiring in content. Sandra Jones, Professional Certified Coach

    Sandra Jones Bellevue, WA
  • Nina! This [Full Bloom] is divinely inspired. Awesome. Lovely, gorgeous. Simple, soul-full. WOWeee -- I am nourished. Thank you for sharing this with me.

    Fran Fisher Master Certified Coach | Author: Violet's Vision | FJFisher Coaching and Consulting
  • You are a word whisperer!

    Anna Goldsworthy Kent, WA


  • Nina’s “Start Your Signature Book NOW” workshop is just what a writer needs to put the puzzle pieces together when starting or finishing a book—or anywhere in between. My husband and I had already self-published one book, but we needed help with the second book. Oh, how I wish this workshop had been available when we were writing the first one! That Nina brought in book designer Anna Goldsworthy was an added bonus. If you suspect you have a book inside you, Nina’s workshop will help you get that project off the ground or completed. No matter what stage of the process you’re in, this workshop is a must!

    Marsha Rand Colorado Springs CO
  • I walked into the workshop with no ideas about my book content. At the end, I left with solid concepts for two books I could start today!

    KC Redmond WA
  • Thank you for the wonderful workshop on Friday. I left feeling so much more clear on what I want to write about and, more importantly, WHO my book is for. This clarity also helps tremendously with WHO my client(s) are. I’ve been struggling for a very long time to narrow my niche (and have been averse to even using the word “Niche”). Now I am much more comfortable about targeting a certain clientele and moving forward.

    Terri M. Begin Again Ranch | Denver CO
  • Nina proposed the course, wrote the curriculum, designed the lesson plans and handouts, plus helped promote the class to the community. She brought a wealth of information and experience from her work as a personal and professional coach. In student assessments of her classes, Nina was rated highly for her clear objectives, knowledge, preparation, enthusiasm, willingness to give personal help, and selection of instructional materials. Nina was a positive, caring instructor who was dedicated to her students’ learning and personal discovery. She created a comfortable and safe atmosphere for sharing. Nina understood the needs and characteristics of adult students. I found Nina to be responsible, dependable, and reliable. I appreciated her enthusiasm for her subject matter and depth of knowledge.

    Meg McGill Evening and Weekend Program Director, Chemeketa Community College | Salem, OR
  • I feel the freedom to explore aspects of myself that don't feel safe to explore anywhere else.

    Melanie Kharazzi Renton, WA
  • [About self-discovery retreats] You transform me from the inside. This is not just talk – it's experience. I have never felt a more safe environment. You stretch me. You wait patiently all the way while I grow.

    Diane Gasal Master Certified Coach, Bellevue, WA
  • I was really impressed at how perceptive you were when planning your presentation for us. You really seemed to have hit the nail on the head.

    Francy Moses Office Manager, Glaucoma Consultants Northwest, Seattle, WA
  • It has been a pleasure to get to know Editor and Word Wizard, Nina Durfee, for the past year as a loyal attendee of our Exceptional Connections Networking Luncheons. It was also an honor to feature Nina as our October 2015 ECN guest speaker. In her 20-minute talk, she generously shared her “8 Essential Elements to Evoke Reader Response.” Our ECN members were excited to learn how to attract and engage clients who are a fit for them and their businesses. Nina’s expertise and desire to add value is unmistakable. Thank you, Nina, for your generosity, as well as for your stand and commitment to make a difference in the lives of all you come in contact with.

    Cyndi Dady Founder, Exceptional Connections Networking