Say It Simply: 8 Easy Steps to Turn Readers into Clients

Say It Simply outlines eight easy steps that shift reader response from lackluster to exhilarating, not only for your book, but also for your blog, your website, your newsletters, your emails, and your marketing materials. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer, Nina’s formula magically guides you through clear, concise, and fearless expression of your stunning genius to hoist you head and shoulders above the crowd and to compel readers to eagerly engage with you.


“In your hands you hold a practical and proven blueprint for writing the right book and growing your business or career. You will set yourself apart from your competition and position your expertise in a whole new and exciting way.”

“Follow Nina’s steps and watch as ideas transform into gems that flow from your heart through your hands and onto the page with ease.”

Feel Good No Matter What: 52 Inspirational Reflections to Awaken the Life You Love!

Feel Good No Matter What revolutionizes the way women define retreat and emphasizes the power of the retreat process. In this book, Anna and Nina, “the Retreat Ladies,” gently guide you to your deep well of inner wisdom and sculpt moments of retreat in harmony with the ebb of nature and the flow of cultural tradition. These 52 thought-provoking questions with follow-up insights and practical tips are your catalyst to feel good in the face of rocky relationships, impossible deadlines, overwhelming to-do lists, and other worrisome circumstances. Feel Good No Matter What is a vehicle for you to entertain, absorb and indulge in the change and growth you so deeply crave for the next phase of your life. Whether you want a solo personal retreat, a retreat with your best friends, or a retreat for your corporate team, whether you want a local or an exotic locale, begin with this book. Start now. What are you waiting for?


“This is a lovely book, beautifully written. It’s not preachy, but light and encouraging. Wonderful ideas for mindful consideration are presented for weekly exercise throughout the year. I can see it being a great inspiration for self-reflection. I highly recommend it!”

“These women have managed to distill so many pearls of wisdom into their book. So glad they brought this to us all to enjoy and use as a North Star!”

“This book really made me think and see events and circumstances in a new light. I now feel happier and more fulfilled. Only read this book if you are ready to have a sense of happy fulfillment in life.”

Full Bloom: 7 Practical Steps to Get What You Want +1 to Grow On

Have you ever wanted something so badly you could taste it? Have you ever wished it were easier to get what you want? Nina Durfee has read the self-help books, listened to the inspirational speakers, tested the practices, and mined countless gems of wisdom. Based on her own experience of what works and what doesn’t work, Nina has solidified abstract wisdom into concrete action steps and offers an easy, effective, and practical pathway from desire to fulfillment. Whether you want an ideal relationship, career satisfaction, financial ease, or a new way of being, this simple process is tried and true. Employ these 7 Practical Steps +1 to Grow On and watch in delight as the life you desire blossoms before your eyes!


“Nina Durfee is the quintessential manifestor, and in her new book, Full Bloom: 7 Practical Steps to Get What You Want + 1 to Grow On, she has done an outstanding job describing her walk with the process of mastering intentional change. She has distilled the key elements from her own journey to identify these beautifully simple 7+1 steps that lead directly to success, no matter what your goal.

“I especially enjoyed the recaps after each chapter that easily and succinctly bring each detailed concept into crisp focus. The matching exercises provide an immediate “how to” making it effortless to step from “being,” to “thinking,” to “doing!”

“As a life coach, I am familiar with the concepts covered here and still found myself nodding, smiling, and underlining on almost every page as key point after key point emerged through Nina’s gift for written clarity!

“If you are feeling stuck, currently out of touch with your life, or just looking to create your own next chapter, I highly recommend this delightful read for you!”

“Very few can take their wisdom of a lifetime and narrow it to eight simple points. This author does that. She chose real gems as her 7+1 steps and made them come alive. I felt like she was right here talking to me.

“I’ve been reading the book all week in bite size pieces (I like that it’s served up that way too). I agree with everything it said, and I tried many of the suggestions. For example, I read a chapter yesterday while waiting for an appointment at an office building. I followed the quick idea and felt better immediately.

“Have you ever read a book where you suspect the author was trying to fill the pages? One of my pet peeves is taking twenty words to say what could be said in five. This book does the opposite. It is succinct. I love it!”

Nina works with authors and coaches across a broad spectrum of specialties.

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