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    “Nina did an incredible job with this manuscript. Our entire professional editing team had very little work to touch up. Typically, we see uncountable corrections that have to be made, but this one was a breeze. She definitely made it much easier for us. We would highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional editing.” Robert Graves, Covenant Books

    Crystal clear communication is the foundation for business success.

    Is it time to showcase your genius by writing your Signature Book? Take this quiz to find out

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    I want to stand out from the crowd of similar providers.

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    I’d rather be sought after than have to chase down prospects.

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    I love what I do, and I’m good at it.

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    I’m sometimes uncomfortable initiating conversations in business and social network settings.

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    I want a tool that is a catalyst for conversation, a template for my coaching program, and the basis of workshop curriculum, inspiring invitations to speak and enhancing my business success.

    If 2 or more of these statements are true for you, now is the time!




    • The upcoming workshop is FULL. Please contact me to add your name to the waiting list for the next event.
    • Take Away:
      • Crystal clear main point
      • Book outline and chapter titles
      • 8 Essential elements to turn readers into clients
      • Secrets to craft the title that attracts your ideal clients
      • BONUS appearance by Anna Goldsworthy, expert book designer: Publishing with Pizzazz – create a champagne book design on a beer budget
    • Fee of $195 includes course materials, guidance, on-the-spot coaching, and answers to publishing FAQs


    Why Choose Nina

    Coaches hire me to help them gain visibility by crafting their “Signature Book”—a business relationship magnet that

    • Demonstrates their expertise
    • Sets them apart from the crowd
    • Enhances their credibility, and
    • Reduces the pressure of marketing

    Bottom line: they get to spend more time doing the part of their business they love the best.